GO Pokémon, Articuno and other legendary: how to find them and how to catch them [Tips and Tricks]

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How to capture Articuno and other legendary monsters? If we happen before, what to do? Tips and tricks GO Pokémon: a large number of fundamental UltraBall and strong to weaken Pokémon.

From almost one day not everyone speaks in the world GO Pokémon: Articuno , one of the ‘legendary’ monsters would be caught for the first time by a user and the test would be a screenshot in which it appears in all its splendor. Because we use the conditional? Simple, because it could always be a fake or a skillful job of Photoshop. At the moment, in fact, it had not been given any official communication about the real existence of this category and are available right now even the official data on the potency and, therefore, the difficulty of arrest for these legendary Pokémon .

How to find Articuno and other Pokemons in Pokémon GO: tips and tricks

At the moment, therefore, Articuno and legendary would be unobtainable in Pokemon GO hack , not only because it is extremely rare, but mostly because they either do not exist or related to very specific times and at specific events. In simple words, like Pokémon Articuno they should appear only in very special circumstances, and in a way, established by the production company, the Niantic: according to the most passionate fans of the game, may also have produced one of these ‘events’ in absolutely random circumstances, perhaps c’entrerebbe updating , allowing the lucky (and loud) user to obtain one of the most legendary of Pokémon game.

How to capture Articuno in Pokémon GO: tips and tricks

Let us assume, then, that Articuno has really been not only found but also captured by a lucky user (and powerful) of Pokemon GO Hack . Let’s then in his shoes. What would happen if we were faced Articuno? How to defeat him? Is it really possible, if we are a beginner, take us into the Pokédex, one of the most sought after Pokémon? Well, here are some tips and tricks to Go Pokémon being prepared in the event quite unique that there appeared good Articuno and Zapdos , for example, or Ditto , or Mew andMewtwo .

The first tip is to look for the rare and legendary Pokémon close to their natural habitat. A second board may be to use the bait modules that allow you to attract Pokémon in PokéStop . Finally, you must have an arsenal of respect: the Ultra Ball are fundamental, without them is really very unlikely that we can get to owning Articuno, Mew or the other legendary.

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