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The frugal way to watch movies owing to comfort and convenience is online streaming. You simply need a TV, laptop or Mobile phone and Internet connection. With a myriad of options available to watch movies online, there are high chances of getting movie pirated or illegally. This might risk your personal information and put you in danger as well. But there are several free movie websites which are legal and free to use for users. In fact, there are so many free streaming apps where you can watch movies again and again at your own comfort. If you haven’t used any of these movie streaming sites and are still waiting for the movie to come on your TV set or watch it in Multiplex, then you are still not aware of such free movie sites.

The online movie sites are trending now all over the world due to its several advantages. Users can watch shows and movies anytime and anywhere. There is no fixed time or you have to rush back home to view the live telecast of shows or movies released. You can even save movies for later purpose. With minimal cost attached and high-quality movies, users have ditched their TV sets and multiplexes and now watch movies on these streaming sites. Here we bring you the free movie websites which are free for the users to watch.

Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Without Sign Up


1. Snagfilms

snagfilms movie content

Having Movie content of more than 10,000, SnagFilms provides a range which users can choose from newly added, most popular and most reviewed. The unique feature of this movie website is the collection laid down by the users which give a more personalized touch. The wide number of genres and category makes it stand out among different streaming services.

Users can even share the movies they are watching via Facebook, Instagram or Google+. Being a free movie platform, Snagfilm boasts of great content and provides a smooth run. There are no glitches while playing any movie and in the premium version there are no glitches in any ads.

2. Vudu.com

Vudu free movies

The company began its journey as a manufacturer of a set-top box, but now it is one amongst the popular movie streaming sites. It is also known for its interactive media devices and services. The platform allows its users to buy, rent or stream their favorite TV Shows and movies. You can browse through the categories to explore your favorite movies or TV Shows. Vudu offers free as well as paid services to the users.

Vudu has added more than 3000 movies in their ad-supported segment which the users can watch without paying a penny. All you have to is signup to the website and you are all set to explore their free services. They offer a premium range of movies and TV shows as well. In order to stream the premium movies and shows, you have to pay a certain amount to either buy them or rent them. Buying will be the best option as the movie will be yours forever.

3. TubiTV

Tubitv movie content

Another free movie streaming site with the majority of movies to be viewed free at TubiTV, it has garnered high popularity among the users. With regular genres like Romance, Drama, Comedy, Action etc., TubiTV has also come up with unique Genres like Grindhouse, best of British, After Hours etc.  TubiTv has a special section of movies called Not On Netflix, Highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes etc.  The user interface is responsive and smooth to use. The Not on Netflix section is what Tubitv always boast about. The presence of this streaming platform is known by the fact that many production houses are supporting Tubitv.

4. Crackle

Backed by popular brand Sony, Crackle is one of the movie websites which you should not give a miss. With wide movie content and high-quality definition, Crackle lets you enjoy movies with very few commercials. Whether you are watching on your mobile phones or on your TV screen, the full-length movies do give a theater effect and provide a vivid experience.

Crackle is an extremely popular free movie streaming site which is mostly known for steaming full-length Hollywood movies. They stream the uncut versions of the movies in its original form. They provide their services to the overall 21 countries worldwide.  However,  if it does not serve in your region you may still make full use of the website with the help of VPN. It can be accessed from multiple devices such as Android, iOS,  tablet,  PC,  desktop,  Smart TV etc.  Their services are completely free but they are ad-supported.  Few commercial might pop up while watching the movies or shows.  The user interface of crackle is pretty much user-friendly as well.

5. Hotstar

Indians love watching international as well as Bollywood and regional movies, what best can Hotstar which comprises of a mix of all movies according to various categories. Hotstar is one of the best free movie websites that have content far better than any other streaming websites. Hotstar regularly upgrades their movie collection and users can also download and save offline the movie to watch for later purpose.

With a premium membership plan, users can get access to unlimited movies with no ads to interrupt. There is a live sports option too. Hotstar keeps on updating new episodes and movies on their website and app. With the premium plan, you can watch live streaming of TV contents and some of the TV shows as well. The premium plan gives you two options to choose from which are 199/ month or 999/year. Choose according to your convenience and stream your favorite movies.

6. Viewster

With lots of movie collection, TV shows, and Anime series to stream, users can get hold to multiple genres in High definition quality.  There are certain genre movies which user cannot get on any of the other websites and with such blend with hardly any commercials, Viewster provides a great viewing experience. Viewster is an immensely popular free movie streaming site which was founded in the year 2007. Speaking about their free services, they have a huge collection of ad-supported movies and TV shows which the users can binge watch whenever they want.

The best part of the website is that you do not need any registration to stream their movies or videos online. Their movie library has top rated movies and animes of your choice. You can browse the categories to explore more. You can stream their content from any device of your choice. The movies and videos can be streamed from the official website or the viewster app.

7. Freemoviecinema

free movies

This is a noteworthy free movie streaming site which allows you to stream your favorite movies of various genres online.  They have a wide range of movies which are added into their library.  You can go to the website,  browse through the categories and start watching your favorite movies. No registration required as a user.  You can simply go to their website and start watching your favorite movies without paying a penny.  They keep updating their movie library by adding the newly released films.  From old school movies to the latest released films they have everything stored for you.

A great cinema was never about technology, graphics, sound or fiction. A punchy storyline is a must for any cinema to thrive. If you like watching silent films, ClassicCinemaOnline is the place to be. With a few free movies to watch on the website and a dynamic collection of silent movies, ClassicCinemaOnline has become a major choice for many of the users.  You can also find classic movies of all times on the website. For a classic movie buff, the website serves the best.

8. Popcornflix

Another free movie website, Popcornflix is a favorite among users because of its media content. With lots of movies added every time, users can get access to several movies every time they log in. With top documentaries, genres and even web originals available on the website users are highly engaged in it.

The best part is the user does not have to create an account for it and simply play the movie of their choice. Popcornflix also let users rent movies with a nominal fee charge.

9. Youtube Movies

This site is one of the popular free movie streaming site.  You can binge watch movies and various shows here.  You can stream their content from your preferred devices.  Like many other sites,  registration is not required to stream movies on YouTube movies.  Users can search their favorite movies and shows in the search box to discover their preferred content. There are more than 1200 free movies available on YouTube. However, the website allows you to buy some of the top rated and latest released films and piles of free movies.

10. Topdocumentaryfilms

topdocumentary films

Said to be the world’s biggest documentary library, TopDocumentaryFilms never disappoints users with their categories and media collection. The websites believe that documentaries are the biggest form of expression and so they try to inculcate the same via upgrading their documentaries library from time to time. An awesome movie website for well-known documentaries. Users can read the movie synopsis and rate any listed movie. This rating helps site algorithm to list movie based on various criteria.

11. Voot

voot movie website

Voot is a famous movie streaming website which offers noteworthy free services for their users. With Voot, you can stream your favorite movies and TV shows on any device of your choice. However, they have an app for mobile users as well. Voot has a great collection of movies and TV shows which you can watch anytime you want. Browse through their categories to pick your favorite movies. The users can stream movies on Voot without having a Voot account. But it is always wise to set-up an account for more entertainment and fun. The voot library includes movies like

12. Yahoo View

A video On-demand streaming service by Yahoo, Yahoo view has been partnered with Hulu for its streaming services. With a partnership with Hulu, Yahoo View hosts a range of popular TV show episodes and movies collection. But Yahoo view is not limited to only Hulu, in fact, it does hold on to some of the great media collection so a user can get the benefit of Hulu services as well as Yahoo view collection. There is no subscription required for users but to go for a premium plan subscription is required. The premiere version of this service which cost $5.99/month with a lot more movies and shows. The content is curated from many on-demand channels like ABC, NBC, CNN and much more.


Amidst so many pirated movies leaked after the release of the movies, there are several free movie websites which give you access to high definition movies that too free and legally. We thus provided 12 of such movie websites where you can get the best of the movie collection. If you haven’t joined any, go try and visit and if possible try trial versions and then decide.

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